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Transitional New West

Welcome to one of our most iconic Colorado homes. Where the textures, colors and design were so easily inspired by the exterior idyllic mountain-scape. Perfectly nestled into the pines of land crawling with deer, antelope and horses; this staged home was designed to beckon anyone yearning for the ‘new west’ living experience.

This vacant new build was constructed with clean lines and tended more to the side of contemporary. The traditional western details alone simply wouldn’t fit. Although we couldn’t resist flares of western here and there, horse artwork and a cowboy hat etc., we contrasted it with soft transitional colors and fabrics. Imagine these ivory upholstered dining chairs seamlessly supporting the seasonal color shifts outside those gorgeous sliding doors. Cue the ‘When can we move in….”

Subtle notes from nature were purposefully strewn throughout the home; like this soft and sweet flower bedspread with a hint of elegance. The bedrooms were meant to be plush without being too overbearing, and although the common thread of ‘transitional new west’ flowed between each room, we chose differing color schemes to entice a bit more of whimsy. Something special about this project is that the scene set within the room could very easily be seen in reality out the windows; from seeing the neighboring horses through the trees to the golden leaves of the aspens falling onto the forest floor.

The beautiful architecture and surrounding area of this home made designing a bit easier and oh so enjoyable! And while the goal of staging is to help a potential buyer visualize life within the home, this projects primary focus was understanding how to paint the picture of a home that supports and frames a life for someone truly enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Potentially, a well deserved, vivid and luxurious place to rest their feet.

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