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Consultation, Home Assessment 
& Staging Proposal
  • A consultation consists of meeting with the owner to get a feel of what their expectations are, how quickly they want the home listed, and discuss any budget concerns. We realize that cost is always at the forefront of every clients mind. We want to put your mind at ease and we promise to be up front with you about the fees for our services from the very beginning.

  • We will then walk through your home with a ‘buyers eye’ capturing those all-important first impressions, making notes as we assess the property and taking aesthetically pleasing photos.

  • Generally,  if the client is  more of a “do-it-yourself” type we may transition right into a “Walk & Talk Service” (see next).

  • For those who are more of a “hands off” type and just want someone to come in and work their magic, following a consultation, a proposal will be provided outlining additional staging services.

  • After we meet with you for the initial consultation and decide the extent of staging needed for your particular home, it is time to prepare for the actual staging day.

  • You will receive a Home Preparation Plan to complete before we come to your home for final staging. This list usually consists of, but not limited to, a thorough cleaning and possibly eliminating larger pieces of furniture.

  • We will create a Staging Action Plan for our staging time in the home.

  • We will spend up to a day (depending on what is decided) in the home working on your home, preparing and tastefully photographing many rooms for maximum buyer traffic. (Professional photography is not included).

  • We will bring in home accessories and furnishings depending on your needs, that you can rent or use as a visual example of what purchases you will need to make in order to update your home.

Orgnization & Design Update
  • If you are finding that your surroundings are somewhat stale and buying all new furniture is not an option, then you may find this service is a welcomed alternative.

  • Sometimes all we need is a fresh set of eyes, an open mind, and a little motivation.

  • No two homes are alike and we are careful to price accordingly, once we assess the room or areas to makeover.

Walk & Talk Consultation *Most requested service*
  • This affordable service consists of a 90 minute-2 hour consultation offering our expert opinion, and being generous with our ideas.

  • We will walk through the home and discuss what needs to be done right away in order to prepare the home to sell. The home owner takes notes as we offer suggestions on the best placement of furniture and accessories, as well as what to eliminate (or add) to create an environment that is inviting and appeals to the potential buyer.

  • We will discuss shopping list items that should be purchased to create the ‘model home’ look.

  • We will recommend any cosmetic changes that will assist in having a powerful return on investment OR we will advocate for improvements needed in order to sell in your marketplace.

  • We can help you stage your home no matter your location.

  • This affordable online service is a quick no-nonsense approach to getting your home sold quickly without the anxiety of actually having a complete stranger come into the privacy of your home.

  • You can send us photos or videos of each room and we offer suggestions based on those photos.

  • This service is similar to our most requested Walk & Talk. Call or text us for more details.

  • Selling your home is only half the battle and starting from scratch in a new home can be daunting, this service allows us to take the pressure of decorating your new home off of you. 

  • Similar to staging your home to sell, we meet with you in your home to uncover a vision for your new space.

  • Allow us to use existing furniture and decor in new ways.

  • Ready for new decor? Take notes of our recommendations or use shared inspiration boards to shop for the perfect items. 

  • Prefer the hands off approach? We are happy to do all the shopping and placement for you. 

  • Provide feedback throughout the entire process, we want your new space to excite you!

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