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Beauty for Ashes

This old piano has been a part of our home since our daughters were little. If it could talk, I’m sure it would tell so many meaningful stories about our family from over the years. So, the decision to finally part with it was an emotional one. Now that our girls are all grown up and our nest is empty we thought the best way to adapt to an empty nest, was a fresh perspective.

We asked everybody we knew if they were interested in it. We thought surely this piano would be just as meaningful to someone else as it was to us. Much to our surprise, no one wanted it! We couldn’t even pay someone to haul it off for us.

Then my wheels started spinning into overdrive! My husband saw the look on my face and he knew that I was about to make an outrageous suggestion. “Let’s take it a part and re-purpose the parts…!” I JUST LOVE A GREAT TRANSFORMATION!!!

It wasn’t long and there were piano pieces all over the room. And the sound of the cords being cut ( seems somewhat fitting in this stage of our lives ) could be heard all over Parker. I had my recycle radar on just waiting for the inspiration to come… and nothing!!! We realized in the cutting, chopping, and sawing process that this piano was not the expensive piece that my family made it out to be over the years. In fact the piano keys that I was so hoping to re purpose

into something ended up being laminate. Who knew???

After a long afternoon of sawing and cutting in order to get it to the dumpster, I finally found my treasure! I lifted the lid that was to be on top and there underneath was a decent piece of wood with the Waltham sticker on it. This was it! This will be the piece that will be our little keepsake to remind us of all the memories.

I have since used this in some of my staging projects. In fact, the buyers of the last house asked the realtor how much I would be willing to sell it. After I laughed and told him that it was just 2 bar stools and the top of a really old piano, it didn’t take long to give him my answer. Because quite honestly you can’t put a value on something so meaningful.

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