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Sight Unseen; The Harrison Project

“I hired Jacqueline to stage this luxury condo in Cherry Creek which I was the listing agent. She was amazing to work with! She understood exactly what I needed for this space with very little information. The service was very professional, she was flexible and mindful of my timeframe and I was very happy with the outcome. There is no doubt in my mind that staging was a major factor in selling this upscale condo so quickly. “

This particular property was on the market for a couple months before the home owner eventually hired a new listing agent and Adorned2Sell leading to a prompt sale. But what is more impressive than the obviously direct correlation between staging and selling on this project, is that the home was styled sight unseen.

The realtor sent photos of the current space and all design selections were based simply on ‘before’ photos like this one. It was imperative to look past the furniture and accessories and be able to analyze the bones of the space. What HAS to stay? What can be moved? What colors and light sources are currently in the space? For this particular project inspiration came from that chandelier above the table. Not our favorite lighting piece, but also not something the homeowner would remove, so in the end it became the color source for choosing a palette.

The Orange-Red theme from that lamp carried through into the living room. Throw pillows, art-wok, rugs and accessories supported the bright character. Greenery not only added a nice contrast to the orange accents, but it brought a lively texture into the vertical space .

After- Finished Product


Removing dated fabrics, window coverings and dark wood furniture (shown right, pre-stage) provided enough room, literally and figuratively, for the natural light and bright floor grain to be the backbone of the update.  Often times owners choose monotone items for their home, because the risk of bright colors and patterns can be a huge financial risk. But as long as choices are made within a theme, the risk can be totally worth it. A hodgepodge of neutrals and browns, perhaps the result of indecision, can sometimes reflect negatively in potential buyers minds.

The potential home-buyer yearns to see a delicate balance of character and luxury. They subconsciously want the satisfying feeling that there was purpose and a mature sense of design behind each room. Potentially, and hopefully, making them feel the desire to make a life there. And once they feel that… you’ve got a sale. A continuous thread of bright, clean and beautiful items throughout the house can make all the difference when it comes to selling a home.

Ideally, there would be time to see a home in-person before choosing the design. But we acknowledge the fast-paced and often ‘un-ideal’ realty in the world of real-estate. Whether it’s through a photo or not, seeing past the current clutter to formulate a theme with existing infrastructure, is a skill that over and over again get’s our client’s homes sold.  Staging requires a keen eye, efficiency and planning. And this high-end condo in Cherry Creek is a great example of where those 3 skills surfaced beautifully into one of our favorite sight-unseen projects.

*Before photos courtesy of REcolorado,

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