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An Eloquent Answer

The homeowner of this featured project did a lot right. When asked to take down curtains they did, and they even took it upon themselves to re-carpet the listing and re-paint some areas. But before seeking a stager they removed a wall dividing the formal living room from the family room, in hopes to open the floor plan. A seemingly good choice. Who wouldn’t want more space? But what became clear during the consultation process is that it IS actually possible to have too much space. Resulting in what a stager refers to as an ‘endless sea of couches’. Without the correct implementation and separation, the continuation of space can be overwhelming, impossible and reflect un-designed to a potential buyer.

With the challenge at hand, it became our job to not only find ways to separate the space, but to brighten, clean and update the rooms. In the pre-staged state in the home, especially in this great room, a potential buyer may walk in and ask ‘what on earth would I do with this space?’ This is where a stager gives an eloquent answer to that question. It is the stagers job to expose the potential of the structure and to highlight its existing qualities. The narrative of this massive living room became centered on the idea of a large family gathering.

Without ever having to blatantly express it or needing a wall to divide it, viewers could easily gather that one space is a bit more formal than the other. Through cozy couches and soft fabrics, the family room is clearly made available for relaxing and perfect for playing games. While the living room is slightly separated simply by design for a more conversational and formal space. Giving structure and identity to a once forgettable chain of rooms.

Just as we have established that unless designed articulately there is such a thing as ‘too much space,’ there is also a possibility of too much/too big of furniture. Just because the dining room was large didn’t necessarily mean that we needed a sprawling table. By simply removing the curtains, replacing the mirror with bright and tasteful artwork, adding an area rug and scaling down the table, we were able to transform the once dark and over-bearing space.

Careful crafting of this design by answering looming questions of space and furnishings, paid off greatly. This listing had 11 offers in 2 days with 20 showings within the first 24 hours of staging. This property sold $20k over the asking price, making the investment of staging well worth it for all involved. This is a best case scenario for the selling team and home owner. But also for the new home buyer, as they now have a vision, direction and sophisticated aesthetic for their new home.

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