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Selling Can Be Emotional

The Fraser Transformation

For some clients, selling a home can be an emotional process. My clients are typically ready to move on to their next home, but that does not eliminate the emotional attachments that most people experience. My role is to help turn the anxieties of selling a home into ease, by helping my clients sell faster and often above asking.

This particular project was very emotional for the seller. This was the home she grew up in and her dad resided in the home until he passed away. At which point she was tasked with cleaning up his belongings and confronting the notion of selling her childhood home to a stranger.

Before After

Initially, the homeowner was reluctant to change. As we walked through the home she shared memories that evoked tears, it was like we were walking back through her childhood. It was during this consultation that I realized I needed to be sensitive to her grieving. It is my job to allow space for the mourning, while gently suggesting appropriate changes to invite eventual offers.

I advised replacing the old carpet in the kitchen with new flooring. I suggested painting the entire home to brighten the space, as well as whitewashing the fireplace. Even after our work began, my client was still hesitant, understandingly so. Her childhood home was slowly transforming and her time in the space was waning. While I am hired to make homes look appealing, I am also keenly aware of my clients needs. I typically do not allow owners in the home during the actual staging process, but I broke my own rule based on what she needed.

Allowing her to be involved with small projects during the stage gave her the appropriate time to grieve and say goodbye.

The end result: a client that felt heard and included AND the home flew off the market with several offers above asking.

"Jackie Weatherly did a wonderful job in making the home beautiful. I truly believe it sold the home. I was doubtful when deciding to spend the money, but so glad we did. She is worth every penny and is very fair in her cost. She worked hard to get it just right and has a good eye for what is important and what is not. She is also very professional in listening and describing what her ideas are and why."

I understand that selling can be emotional. What sets Adorned 2 Sell apart is that we listen to our clients. We want the home to sell quickly and above asking, but we do so while honoring the owner. Looking to work with a stager? Give us a call today: 720-427-9369.

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