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Anything Goes... As Long As It Flows

Some of my favorite design and staging consultations are those that have unique and sentimental pieces to work with. The majority of homeowners assume that I am going to come into their home during a consultation and start suggesting that they pack up everything. They are often surprised when I see something in their collection that I can redecorate with somewhere else in the house. Not to mention they love sharing the story behind the item. Some stories are so unique that I make it a point to place that item front and center and incorporate it into the design when staging or redecorating.

The age old Staging quote of, "Less is more" is often taken to the extreme. And because of the less is more mindset the homeowner will pack everything up before I arrive and there is absolutely nothing to work with. I often have to dig deep into their closets to find something to add warmth and character to the home.

It's always a victory when you can find an old piece of furniture in the corner of a basement that can bring life to another area of the house or a scarf from someones trip to India can add flare to a chair! All it takes is a little imagination to get those creative juices flowing! Don't let recent design trends keep you stifled when it comes to decorating your home, it's bondage! Just don't!!!


Most people when they hear eclectic somehow associate it with junky. If done carefully you can organize your collections without it looking cluttered. I say if certain items bring you joy, then you, "EMBRACE IT AND PLACE IT", if it flows then it goes... Somewhere where you can see it and enjoy it! I've seen way too many special items in the bottom of someones drawer that they are hanging onto because it means so much to them. For pity sake, pull that dang thing out and display it already!!! Not only that, playing it safe and staying within a trendy box is boring. Just keep in mind that everything should flow well in the area that you choose to place it. If it feels off, then try the piece in another room with a similar color scheme. It's okay to mix metals just be careful to blend them well. For example mix silver with cooler colors and and golds and bronze pieces with warmer accents.

Trends come and go way too fast, it's exhausting not to mention costly to keep up!

Nothing catches my eye more than going into a typical modern updated home and finding a few old pieces of furniture, art, and accessories mixed in. Chances are that there is a special meaning behind those pieces. BE YOUnique!!! You'll know, if it flows!

If you need help with decorating needs and an extra nudge for motivation to break out those old pieces please feel free to reach out!

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