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Addition by Subtraction

‘A simple life is a life of both less and more. It’s a life of less distraction, less consumption, and less of the inessential, to make room for more mindfulness, more intention, and more of what matters’~Melissa Camara Wilkins

A New Year means something different for everyone. However, the process of checking in, evaluating and goal setting remains a common theme every January. Many turn inward and reflect on what they can do better to improve their lives. Yet, this internal place of self-reflection can be daunting, and often times difficult to even know where to begin, resulting in inaction. But what if this introspection started with action? Perhaps by taking a look at our immediate external world, and living space. In cleaning, organizing and simplifying our dwellings, we believe that you can begin creating space internally for contemplation and real change.

This particular Adorned2Sell project demonstrates perfectly the idea by subtracting clutter you are actually adding clarity; stated perfectly by the homeowner: ‘the (our) home had neither too much nor too little in it to make it very appealing.’ We understand that a home should be comfortable and livable but also clean and refreshing. Seen in the after-photo, counters are clean and clear, while bold pops of green add just the right amount of personality and flavor. This updated kitchen beckons the creation of new projects, meals and entertaining.

The dining/living space is a good reminder that placement of furniture should be intentional. That each nook has a specific purpose, because, without that sense of meaning, we may lose the determination of the tasks we aspire to tackle at home. The new living room design is directed towards the view out of the French doors, towards the outdoor landscape and not to the entertainment system. The dining room, with rich textures, adds a sense of luxury, specifically encouraging shared meals and fellowship. Attention to lighting, both natural and fixture, satisfyingly creates a positive and lifted mood.

If you are struggling to know where, to begin with, goals and self-improvements for this New Year, start with your home, a room, or maybe even just a shelf. Choose fabrics, colors, and textures that provide inspiration. Direct and organize your furniture in a way that is deliberately in line with your goals, for you and your family. January is the perfect time to clean house and keep only the items that bring meaning and importance to your life. You may be surprised at how closely your home correlates to your inner being. Adorned2Sell is happy that you are joining us for another year of adventure and design projects.

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