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Transformation Thursday: A Sensational Sectional

Why is it the most comfortable couch (a plush, roomy sectional) also the hardest to stage with?! I'm so excited to share this before and after of a theater room in Castle Rock, Colorado that addresses this very issue. This theater/play room was the go-to hang out spot in the house, making it even harder for the owners to see the room any other way than they had known it.

Faced with the sectional dilemma, the home owners felt stuck: how do they make their theater room enticing using their existing furniture? And to be honest, I was a bit stuck when I first visited the house too. I took this photo and went home, hoping to be inspired.

The next day I reached out to the home owners and told them I knew what needed to be done: I asked them to separate the sectional. I knew they were skeptical and yet they humored me, trusting the process. I love when owners trust the process! A couple days later I went back armed with a few decorative pieces from my inventory as the owners left for the day.

The room included a raised platform but wasn't being utilized to showcase theater seating potential. With this in mind, I separated the sectional, placing one piece on the raised platform and staggering the other piece in front. Just like that we had theater seating!

Combining pieces from my inventory with their existing furniture and accessories showcase the hidden potential of the room. Moving a hutch they were previously using as a desk allowed me to display a popcorn machine I found in their closet, ultimately helping me boost the theater feel I was going for! Mixing some of the existing throw pillows with a few from my inventory made each piece feel styled and yet still inviting. Every time I look at this picture I want to curl up and watch a movie!

Best of all, this house was on the market in under 30 days! SOLD!

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